Thursday, March 7, 2013


Welp, now I feel really guilty. I haven't updated this blog since December?! Shoot!

So much has happened since then! A trip home for Christmas to be with family and friends, watching NYE fireworks from the rooftop of new friend's apartments, Skyler's first project launch, a visit from Lindsay and Denny, a trip to Indiana/Michigan to be with Grandma Kay, a fire on our block, learning how to curl, a hike to the Tourist Club, and an impromptu Geographer show at the Gap.

I know I've missed significant and relevant moments, but these are the ones that come to my mind. My journey, one that I've recently recognized is actually happening, has been so full of downs and ups. Despite this there are the sweet and redeeming moments, little whispers of love, that remind me that life is surprising, unpredictable, and wonderful. It reinforces the lesson that sometimes all you need is the smallest shade to cover your head in order to keep going. There have been many days and sometimes weeks that have felt like that's all that I've had. Fortunately, that's all that I've needed.

One of those moments was this evening. Skyler is at SXSW in Austin, Texas for the week and that left me wondering "What should I do with myself?" and feeling pretty vulnerable. I was out looking for a new pair of jeans tonight and walked passed the Gap at Market and Powell. I noticed something out of the ordinary was happening inside the store so I stared for a second. A guy outside, said "You look confused. Geographer is playing a free show tonight. There's still room and free drinks if you want to go?"

It took all of one second to say YES!, get a band, and head into the Gap (of all places) to drink delicious drinks and listen to rad music. They were even passing out the cutest appetizers, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and mini hamburgers. Everyone was in a great mood and the vibe was super friendly. And so, the night that had been giving me so much concern turned out to be one of the most precious nights I've had in months. I am so thankful for this gift.

I give you my earnest and sincere word to update this blog more frequently.

Thanks for being patient with me,

 allie x--->

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