Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nah, I'm ah stay.

Despite a bit of a bumpy start to my morning, I found my way downtown to Dottie's Cafe for breakfast. I have previously avoided ordering pancakes at breakfast because well let's be real, pancakes always sound good at the beginning, but by the end you are flippin' sick of them. When I saw that the special  was Rice Flour Banana Pancakes they had me sold. I was in  GF breakfast heaven. When and where was I ever going to get GF banana pancakes from again?

They were delicious and the texture was no different than the normal ones.

Banana Pancakes (GF)
Enjoying the best spot in the house.
After breakfast, I had a slow morning and took my time tending to things in the house that have been overlooked, namely the cleanliness of our home. Hey, don't get me wrong its tidy, but it need a good once over. 

The focus of my afternoon was to slow down and remember to care for myself. Today's exercise in self-care was to go to hot yoga called Body Temp in the Marina. My sister, Lindsay, told me about it and encouraged me to check it out. I had been to Bikram in Florida and honestly it seemed like the worst way to exercise, ever. 

But I've recognized that the more that I allow my body to endure pain or even mild discomfort the more strength I have in keeping calm and happy. I used to miss class in college just because it was too cold out. So, yes, subjecting myself to 90 minutes of nauseating yoga is a big deal. 

Tonight, after my yoga session I feel calmer, more present, and at peace. And despite moments where I thought I was surely going to throw up, I really did enjoy the class.

I ended the night a fruit and nut recovery smoothie, sushi take out, and a fun film called the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. All in all it was a good day. I hope your Sunday is restful, I know mine will be!

p.s. don't forget that we spring forward tomorrow morning.

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